LAWNCH is the tradename and trade mark of Van Roeyen Advocatuur B.V. Van Roeyen Advocatuur B.V. is legally registered in Eindhoven and is listed in the commercial register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 77692330. The VAT number of Van Roeyen Advocatuur B.V. is NL86.11.00761.B01. Van Roeyen Advocatuur B.V. does not have a designated account. Van Roeyen Advocatuur has a replacement arrangement with Cilissen Advocatuur in Geldrop (, +31 40 285 91 76).

LAWNCH is registered at the Dutch Bar Association (“NOVA”) and operates an attorney-at-law practice.

All services LAWNCH provides are subject to general conditions. These general conditions are filed at the Chamber of Commerce. You can also find and download the general conditions via The general conditions include limitations of liability.

The liability of Van Roeyen Advocatuur B.V. is limited to the amount paid out by the professional liability insurance of Van Roeyen Advocatuur B.V. including the policy excess. The professional insurance policy of Van Roeyen Advocatuur B.V. is registered at Allianz polisnumber SR999101404. A copy of the policy shall be made available upon request.